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Using a blog to share evidence-based research in schools to enhance learning.

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

#Research #Headteachers #Principals #Curriculum #Evidencebasedresearch #internationalschools #parents #teachers With 30 years teaching experience from 3 years to adult education (including a PhD student who was 65+ years old), having 5 education degrees, over 200 publications across peer reviewed international education journals, an active teacher to this day, school leader and having taught and researched across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia (and as a parent of 3 school children)... I have decided to share my thoughts about evidence-based research in schools within this blog, as a tool for reflection and in the hope that children in schools may also benefit.

Everyone makes mistakes and this is part of the learning process, however teachers and other adult staff members in schools need to be given a solid preparation platform if they are to succeed and children are to thrive. In this blog I will share posts with key reflections and supporting research.

Feel free to share your valuable insights also... Enjoy!

Happy, knowledgeable teachers and happy children
Happy children thrive at school


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