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Does leadership cascade like a waterfall?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

In your workplace (or school) what does leadership look like? Does it cascade like a waterfall from the wisest (most knowledgeable, experienced and respected) down to the less knowledgeable and experienced employees (teachers)? In my experiences many schools and workplaces use this leadership paradigm and framework however they forgot the key fundamental for this to happen...

Water only falls from a higher point to a lower point on earth. That is, gravity stops water from going from a lower point to a higher point.

Everyone has valuable knowledge, experiences and passions that should be and need to be exploited. However, for the general day to day running in a workplace (and school) where the dynamics are extremely complex, sometimes the boards forget about the basics. In what areas do your leaders lead? Are they respected for their knowledge? Are they respected for their experience? Are they respected at all?

Does the water cascade or does it come to a halt? Water always finds its own level...

Leadership cascades like a waterfall
Leadership waterfall


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